We're Artistic and Creative!

He is known on social media as “Luke The Welder”, and is a proud local resident of his home state, Florida.

Although he had a large number of random job positions throughout the beginning of his life, he never could have anticipated that they would later play a huge role in teaching him some of the valuable life skills that would accompany him on his journey to eventually becoming the founder of Adrenaline Artworks Welding & Fabrication.

In 2013, Luke found himself feeling stuck in his career, and decided that it was time for a change. He knew that he always loved working with his hands but he also knew that he wanted to go back to school. 

Trade-school, Perfect! (But wait, which trade does someone pursue when they are undecided?!)

Start with what fascinates you!

That’s exactly what Luke did. After going through the local trade-school’s local programs, he narrowed them all down to 3 programs. One of which was welding.

Having had a couple of friends who were welders, he asked them to give him an introduction to welding.

They did, and from that very moment, Luke was hooked.
Something told him that welding is what he was meant to do with the rest of his life!

Luke’s passion for welding still continues to grow stronger with every day that passes, and the rest is history!

We are Artistic and Creative!

For Luke, being able to freely express himself artistically through metal fabrication is the adrenaline rush that he craves. 

The idea that he could use a combination of imagination, science, and hard work, to transform various metals into pieces of art that others can enjoy and admire is what motivates him to continue to create!



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